Mike Henry Architect's professional architectural design services mainly encompasses traditional medical doctor and corporate structures designed to effectively conduct business and private practice medical services. Typically, you see more of a traditional brick-and-mortar presentation with these types of design.

Our Process

Professional architectural design process procedures follow the same structure as commercial architectural design with the difference of taking into account the needs of corporate and medical office building (MOB) requirements in our design and documentation.

Elements of our professional architectural design process include:

  • Initial Consultation
  • Documentation & Design Development
  • Contract & Permit Documents
  • Permitting Process
  • Bidding, Negotiation and Construction Phase Administration
  • Final Inspections

Professional Office Building Design

As stated above, the focus of this style of design typically follows traditional brick-and-mortar exterior structures that don't necessarily include the latest in commercial design trends as you see exampled with our commercial architectural designs.

However, we do take into account the latest in interior workplace environment trends such as "hiding the wires" or taking advantage of wireless technology,  developing multi-purpose workspaces, establishing designated lounge areas, implementing organized colors and textures, and ending permanent open area layouts.

Medical Office Building Design (MOB)

Mike Henry Architect has designed a wide variety of medical doctor and family dental building projects throughout Hampton Roads.

MOB's still continue to accommodate multi-tenant facilities housing a variety of independent physicians or medical practice groups. However,  changes in the healthcare landscape are causing a refocus on how MOB's are designed for the future.

Our firm strives to up-to-date with the latest trends in this field of design. Today, hospital systems or large medical conglomerates tend to employ the most doctors.  Thus, we are cognizant of the fact that the trend is now towards building for multi-specialty over multi-tenant entities taking into consideration the following design points:

  • Housing complementary outpatient physician practices that collaborate with each other;
  • Sharing support staff and services;
  • Joining centralized common areas;
  • Combining shared spaces such as bathrooms, storage rooms, labs, etc...;
  • Boosting the productivity and efficiency of the practices;
  • Designed to be convenient for patients.

Mike Henry Architect has decades of experience in the design of traditional professional office and medical practice buildings.  We are experienced with any form of medical or corporate office building architectural design based on the examples of work that you see in this site. However, if your new project is also looking towards the future of MOB and corporate office design, we invite you call us for an initial consultation.


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